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Magic Spells: Protection Spell

Shield Maiden Warrior Spell


Kit Contains:

  • 12ml STRENGTH Oil
  • Garnet Crystal
  • Sacred Salt
  • Garnet chip Crystals
  • Black Chime Candle
  • Star Candle Holder
  • Pouch



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Large Garnet Crystal...$19.95

Burgundy Aroma Aura Oil...$15.95

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The Magickal Life:
I have created this kit for all of the dear ones who need to call up their Warrior Strength and make a stand. There is the energy of making plans and strategies before you fight; but if fight you must, fight with HONOR and a plan. Choose your battles and know your allies... Know who will loose if you win and what that will cost!

Burgundy Healing Magick Supplies

Free Burgundy Color Magick Spell for Protection

Shield Maiden Warrior Spell

Burgundy Color Healing Magick Spell for:

  • Protection in Battle
  • increasing strength in confrontation
  • increasing logical thinking for planning
  • deflecting harm and Evil Eye back to whomever sent it
  • allowing for Shape Shifting for camouflage

Here is a good spell to when you need Protection from attacks, a shield for repelling the EVIL EYE or curses.
This spell sets up a powerful shield of protection from psychic, magickal and physical attacks with Garnet Gemstone Magick.

You will need:

Garnet Crystal

STREGNTH Color Magick Oil

Black Magick Candle

Garnet Crystal chips

Sacred Salt

Oil Burner or bowl

(Sold Separately)

Protection Spells should be performed at noon or 12-3pm or when you need to fight.

  • Clear your Space in the way you choose...Sacred Space

  • Use Burgundy clothing, altar cloths; set a plate in the center

  • Be sure you have all the items from your kit and matches and holder for the candle

  • Place Your Cauldron in the West- slightly to the left

  • If you wish, call in the Directions or Deities of your choice for assistance

Using the big Garnet Crystal as a symbol of yourself or the one for whom you are working this Spell, place it in the center of your plate. Quietly ask the Warrior Spirits to help you and say:

Shield me from this evil.... (name it)...

Draw a circle around the big Garnet with some of the Sacred Salt and a few of the tiny Garnet Crystals from the bottle and chant 3 times:

Around about, Around about;
Burgundy encircle ________ About.
Protect him/her/me. Protect him/her/me, With the Warrior Shield from above.

Pour drops of STRENGTH Oil into the Salt and answer these questions:

  • Who needs Protection?
  • What has been the threat?
  • What is the Battle?
  • Who is the bully?
  • Being Just and Fair to all concerned, what do you wish to see happen?
  • Are you willing to compromise and make peace?

Infuse these thoughts of Battle and Protection with fierce desire to keep strong, guarded and safe.
Light the Black Candle and hold it as your Wand.

All you Spirits form a Shield. Fight with me and do not yield.

Whisper your purpose into the candle flame and visualize the casting out of the evil energies. Envision the Sacred Salt as a striking, Blood Red Shield of shimmering Light:

Powerful Burgundy Light Shield, please cause the hindrance and harm sent by another to bounce back to the sender. Be my Defender.
Blow out the Candle and watch until all the smoke has vanished. Place the salt with oil, chip crystals, big Garnet, and the candle into the cauldron or bowl.

Leave this cauldron spell in a place of honor where it will not be disturbed for three nights and days.

At Noon on the third day, remove the Garnet Crystal keep it close to you or give the Burgundy Protection Garnet Crystal to your loved one to keep as they go through their trial. Say:

"Shield to me and back to Thee! All of you. All of you. All of you. Down the line; back through time; into the future, this victory is mine."

Ask Tolus and the Spirits of Warrior Protection for their assistance in this cause by remembering to repeat to yourself often:

Around about, Around about;
Burgundy encircle ________ About.
Protect him/her/me. Protect him/her/me, With the Warrior Shield from above.

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Please always follow the advice of your own Health Care Provider. I cannot promise you that this Spell will work for you. I can only promise that others have used it with good results and it has worked for me.