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Magic Spells: Healing Crystals

Silken Web Health Spell


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Kit Contains:

12ml Oil, Sacred Salt, Moonstone Wish stone, Candle, vial of Silver Flake, Pouch, Directions

Healing Crystals

Gemstone Pendulums



Tarot Decks


Make Crystal Grids

Metaphysical Meaning of Moonstone

Peach ...$15.95

The Magickal Life:
I have created this kit for all of the dear ones who would like to work a Spell of Re-Weaving for themselves or another in ill health, whose Aura is stressed, damaged or knotted.

3 Way Holder

3 Way Holder...$9.95

Auric Web Healing......................................................$29.95

A Situation has arisen causing you to wonder about your HEALTH. You have decided to use a Magick Spell to ask the Spirit Realms for help in this matter.

You will need:

Peach Oil-for Releasing Fears

Sandalwood Prayer Candle

candle holder sold separately

Sacred Salt

Peach Moonstone Worry Stone -easing away stress

Vile of Silver Flakes- to call in Healing Goddess Energy

Spell Scroll of directions

You will also need a pencil and paper and small bowl of warm water

(not included)

1.) Choose a day when you will not be interrupted to begin your Magickal work; Health Spells should be performed just after mid-day… @2-3pm.

2.) Gather the items from your spell kit and a Peach Cloth or paper to use as a "Cosmic Field" on which to work.

Set out your things in a clock pattern with the vial of Silver in the center the oil to the right at "3", the Moonstone worry stone at the bottom at "6", the candle with the bowl of water to the left at "9"-light the candle, and the bag of salt at the top at "12". Quietly ask the Spirits to help you and tell them you are ready to re-weave you Aura to help restore a healthy pattern.

3.) Place a pinch of salt into the water and 2 drops of the CHARM Oil.

Place the worry stone in the bowl to symbolize your fears and emotions and worries being cleansed.

Answer these questions as fairly and as accurately as you can:

  • What is the fear/illness- the knot in your Auric web?
  • What information do you already have ..already know about the problem?
  • Why do you seek this re-weaving?
  • What do you expect?

4.) Next, pick up the pencil, close your eyes and let your hand "draw" the Auric distortion on the paper… just let it move, flow, scribble… light and dark….

Slowly remove the worry stone from the water and place it on or near the Silver. Converse with the Mother Healing Goddess; tell her your need; explain the details.

Close your eyes and draw the pattern again. Is there a change? With eyes open, draw a smooth, balanced design and chant three {3} times this Spell Phrase:

Around about, Around about;
Peach encircle ___(me)_____ About.
Re-weave the pattern, remove the snare
Healing Mother your Love declare.
Remember to focus your thoughts on the situation that has brought you to seek your Re-weaving at this time.

5.) Infuse these thoughts of your need with especially strong will and courage, even if it is very little at this time. Bring up the Joy you would feel at having this healing happen in your life and let it flow out of you towards the Astral Realms as an intense river of bright Peach and shimmering Silver Light.

6.) Envision it now streaming back to you as tiny shimmering threads of light and winding around you like a Silken Web, forming the healed pattern that you would like to have, like your third drawing.

7.) Rest with this for a few moments… breathe it, accept it and say:

"Re-weave this Silken Web of Light! Re-make the Pattern now aright.
8.)Leave the spell in a place of honor where you can visit it and light the candle to pray. Carry the worry stone with you as a point of hope, a crystal contact.

Save your items for the next time you need this spell. Replenish your oil and candle at left.

Please always follow the advice of your own Health Care Provider. I cannot promise you that this Spell will work for you. I can only promise that others have used it with good results and it has worked for me.