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Magic Spells: Soul Mates Love Spell

Soul Mates Love Spell


Out of Stock

Draw in Soul Mate
Spell Kit Contains:

  • vial CHANGES Yellow Oil
  • Citrine Crystals
  • Sandalwood Candle
  • Sacred Salt
  • Pouch

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3 Way Holder

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Yellow Chakra Oil ...$15.95

Soul Mates Magic Love Spell...............................$19.95

Crystals, Oil and Candle Magic Spell to help draw in Soul Mate Love

A ritual with crystals and color magick to match changing energies... Soul Mates are two Cosmically connected people with Matched Energies, each completing a purpose in the other.

I have created this kit for all of the dear ones who are tired of waiting for the right one to arrive! Yes, there are those out there who match your energies, personality and values; and it is time to call them in. After all, it is always your decision and one of them will be the very Mate to your Soul!

You will need:

Citrine Crystals

Yellow Color Magick Oil

Sandalwood Prayer Magick Candle

Piece of Yellow paper and a pen

not included

Candle Holder

not included

Citrine Pendant (optional)

This Love Spell should be performed at the dawn of a new day, as the Sun is rising- @6am.
Choose a day when you will not be interrupted to begin your Magickal work. Cleanse and prepare your space with attention.

part of the ritual incantation:

"Bright Crystal, Bright Crystal, a beacon be;
Guide the Mate of my Soul to me.
May this be a sign to recognize me."

Citrine keeps us mindful that in order to learn anything new, we must "put down our box" of what we think we know and be open to the new that is constantly arriving.

Prepare Yourself for Ritual...

Prepare Your Space...

Keep the Crystals, Oil, Candle and other things handy for the next time you need to cast the Matching Changes Spell.

Learn More About Yellow Chakra Color Healing

Please always follow the advice of your own Health Care Provider. I cannot promise you that this Spell will work for you. I can only promise that others have used it with good results and it has worked for me.