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Gemstone Spells and Healing Kits

Learn to manage your own behavior and problems with Color...

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Shall I cast a Spell for You?
Moonlit Prayer~Grimoire & Wand~Full Moon

Need help with a special request, effort or prayer?

Purchase one of my Moon Spells to help clear away the unwanted and draw in the new.

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Quartz Crystal Path
Healing Kit...$59.95

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Your Custom Bind Rune Spell...

Use these Colors for Casting Spells:
  • Color Gray for Hiding
  • Color Black for Banishing
  • Color Brown for Remembering
  • Color Red for Sex Drive
  • Color Yellow for Expansion/Wealth
  • Color Green for Abundance/Love
  • Color Purple for Justice/Psychic Magick
  • Color White for Spirit Visions

Color Meanings Chart...

Spells How to...

The Magickal Life:
The Most Powerful Ingredient in any spell is the intentioned will of the Spellcaster.


Candles &
Gemstone Candlestones

About Calya...

Here is my Spell for you:
Simple and small,
hidden here on this page,
This Faery Wish Spell
by an Old-Earth Mage
grants to you
the Light of Evermoore
to Guide you on a Path that is Kind and Sure.
To Lighten your Heart and Illumine your Mind
Until the Portal to Evermoore you find.

Comfort and Joy!

Gemstone Spells and Healing Kits...........................from $12.95

Gemstone Kits for Love... Money... Health... Protection... Spirit... Astrology... and your Journey...

Here is Purtwee's Scrolls ~ the mystickal spell shoppe...

Magick Spells and Affirmation Rituals are used to connect with the un-seen energy sources, entwine their power with our own and then release that Magickal charge with a sure direction to bring about changes you need in your life and desire for the world...

The use of Gemstones, Colors, Herbs, Oils and Candles has always been a part of Spellwork, as they all intimately connect us to the Spiritual Essence.
The Natural always reveals the Super-Natural.

Shall I cast a Spell for You?
Moonlit Prayer ~ Grimoire & Wand ~ Full Moon

ALL NEW Realm Meditation Kits... for your Journey...

Watch for them all coming soon...

Daemus Indigo Realm Kit:
Dream Flight...$29.95

Kriel's Blue Realm Kit:
Perfect Time...$34.95

Iy's Aqua Realm Kit:
Message in a Bottle...$29.95

Tesque's Green Realm Kit:

Trelania's Peach Realm Kit:
Heal the Earth...$35.95

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