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Color Meanings: Color Personality Quiz - Aqua Blue

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The Color Aqua- Purpose, Meaning, Healing, Magick...

The Meaning, Purpose, Career, Talent of your Personal Color: Aqua



Your core purpose in this Lifetime is that of being Playful Nurturer...


Magickal through relaxation skills and laughter, you are a very good at finding the fun in a situation and removing guilt from play. There should always be balance in life and you know how to direct people toward it. Massage Therapist, AromaTherapist, yoga teacher, life-coach or life-guard, cheerleader, are all careers suited to your talents. You would be most welcomed where you would be working with those who are challenged; your nature of being very excited for others accomplishments would shine here, like the bright sun in the cold of winter. There is an affinity with hands-on approach to learning, and especially things that bring pleasure to the senses, like color, touch and scent. You are the one others will go to when they are overworked; you'll remind them that there is still fun to be had... without guilt.

Your Treasure:

Playful things, games and found treasures (stones on the beach) and Aromatherapy Oils are your favorite treasures. All of the Aqua stones including Aqua marine, Blue Topaz and Turquoise will be strengthening to you and bring you comfort and direction when you lose your way.

Mystickal Skill:

Releasing others from their "chains" is your Mystick Skill.

You are very good at listening to the woes of others and helping them to feel less guilty, burdened and over wrought without trying to lecture and explain to them where they have gone wrong. In fact, with massage therapy, Reiki, Aromatherapy as tools, all you need is your energy and your smile.


Aqua Energies keep you looking at the "half-full cup" of optimism. Your joy and carefree attitude revive even the most grumpy with a balance of work and play. You can always find the "Message in the Bottle" that is the key to unlock the needed change.

Path of Light

The Aqua Color Path tells us that you have come into this Lifetime to free others and yourself of irrational burdens. Learn to see the Silver Lining and find the hidden comfort in all things.

Body Area: Your most vulnerable body area are your shoulders. They may be weak or always tense. Metaphysically speaking, you may sometimes try to be a martyr--- "no one works as hard as I do" and work yourself into a nervous breakdown--- or take what ever you want a from anyone with out working for it---"why shouldn't I have it, too?"... "it's your fault that I don't have it".


If you find yourself getting too irresponsible and carefree, figure out what you are avoiding, make a stand and balance with: