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Color Meanings: Color Personality Quiz - Blue

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The Color Blue- Purpose, Meaning, Healing, Magick...

The Meaning, Purpose, Career, Talent of your Personal Color: Blue



Your core purpose in this Lifetime is that of Family Center...


Magickal through timing skills and knowing true worth and you are very good at bringing joy to others. An office manager, or manager of any kind, the engineering of intricate pieces, the one who co-ordinates others, especially activities involving alot of people, as in a hospital, travel groups, school, or family business; even a performer or comedian. Working with schedules, research, measuring and calculating, timing and events that need to be co-ordinated suits you. There is an affinity with clocks and TIME, precision mechanisms and the clockwork universe including Gemstones and Crystals.

Your Treasure:

Clocks and Crystals are your favorite treasures. All of the Blue stones including Blue Topaz and Celestite will be strengthening to you and bring you comfort and direction when you lose your way.

Mystickal Skill:

Gemstone Magick is your Mystick Skill.

You are very good at the precise attunments and knowing exactly what is needed and when. Crystal Healing and Magick are all about the way Nature structures things.


Blue Energies keep you full of calm and joy by the knowledge of the little things and your strong sense of taking turns; the way the seasons move and how to be a part of the Seasons and Cycles of Life.

Path of Light

The Blue Color Path tells us that you have come into this Lifetime to learn your own self-worth, that is, what you are worth to you.

Body Area: Your most vulnerable body area is your throat, neck and Thyroid. Injuries, sore-throats and even hyper- or hypo- thyroidism can plague your life. Metaphysically speaking, you may always feel as if you are "drowning" beneath the powers of others, never having a voice, or always be telling your thoughts and fears to others not wanting to be overlooked.


If you find yourself talking too much and driving others away with your complaining, focus on accomplishing something and balance with: