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Color Meanings: Color Personality Quiz - Burgundy

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Color Meanings: Burgundy Color Personality

The Meaning, Purpose, Career, Talent of your Personal Color: Burgundy



Your core purpose in this Lifetime is that of being a Warrior...


Creative through being able to plan, strategize, and compromise, you are a very good leader and can rally others to your cause. You may find yourself as team captain in sports, games or special projects; management, events co-ordinator or the military suit you. There is an affinity with fact finding and organized thought but underlying it all is a sense of duty to defend the weak. A strong distaste for bullies keeps you defensive but you are not un-willing to compromise, in fact you prefer it. Politics is a very good career choice for you or having your own business, but with your quick wit, satire and social humor would be perfect matches.

Your Treasure:

Skills, weapons, swords and pens and stories of great heroes are your treasures. The Burgundy stones of Garnet, Ruby, and even Bloodstone will help balance you when you are fatigued.

Mystickal Skill:

Shape Shifting is your Mystick Skill.

You are very good at affecting changes in how people perceive you and using that to your best advantage; especially to help others or achieve your goals. Be careful not to forget who you really are.


Burgundy Energies keep you always thinking ahead and trying to find the most effective path to move your team forward. Winning is the goal and you are a strong leader around whom others rally. Be aware of a tendancy to become a bully yourself. You don't want to win at any cost.

Path of Light

The Burgundy Color Path tells us that you have come into this Lifetime to learn how to speak up for yourself and others. Facing confrontations is probably terribly distasteful to you; keep trying for that is the lesson you are meant to learn.

Body Area: Your most vulnerable body area are your thighs. They may be soft and flabby or prone to ham string tears/hip injuries. Metaphysically speaking you are either easily walked upon or always need to be right.


If you find yourself getting too angry and confrontational, relax, escape and balance with: