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The Color Gray- Purpose, Meaning, Healing, Magick...

The Color Gray Meaning, Tradition, Personality, and Nature.



Your core purpose in this Lifetime is to find your deepest Wound, over-come it... and give empathy to others who may also be wounded.


Spiritual through suffering or illness, there is a great power here to know how to help others even if it is by being the one to whom others give aid and care. Care-giver, Nurse, doctor, counselor, advocate, abuse-revealer and safe-house staff would all be good career options for you for you understand suffering. Sometimes in our suffering it is the best and highest good we can do to allow others to give to us, feel compassion for us and work to help us.

Your Treasure:

Blankets, sweaters, robes and slippers, all things of comfort build the cocoon around the person in the Gray Realm.

Mystickal Skill:

Confounding is your Mystick Skill.

You are very good at melting away into the background, disappearing and not drawing attention to yourself. The Gift of Confounding is yours... throwing the "enemy" off track and hiding in plain sight. In fact, bringing confusion to a situation is what you do best; and sometimes even when you do not mean to do so.


Gray Energies keep you hidden from others, secretive, camouflaged and able to act without detection. Another Gray talent is to be able to retreat and rest; no one does it better.

Path of Light

The Gray Color Path tells us that you have come into this Lifetime to learn how to stay on the sidelines, overcome illness or disability or even draw attention to your particular wound. Over-coming your set backs is why you are here. There are times when you need to retreat and rest and then there times when you need to be honest with yourself. DO YOUR COLOR HEALING JOURNEY-WORK with the Calya System.

Body Area:

Your most vulnerable body area is all over. Gray Energies keep you can keep you feeling ill, depressed and dis-connected from life. They may become a "WOUND BADGE" a source of pride, attention-getting and a convenient, easy excuse. Metaphysically speaking, you need to acknowledge your wound, learn how to deal with it and stop feeling sorry for yourself and making the rest of the world treat you as privileged.


If you find yourself continuously pulling away from others,blaming them, and using your wound as an excuse to not participate in your own life, balance with: