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Color Meanings: Color Personality Quiz - Green

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The Color Green- Purpose, Meaning, Healing, Magick...

The Meaning, Purpose, Career, Talent of your Personal Color: Green



Your core purpose in this Lifetime is that of being Loving Nurturer...


Healing through re-structuring and Love, you are a very good at balancing, finding the proper way to bring tolerance and growth to a situation, maintaining the Natural order and using it to bring true abundance, tolerance and giving and receiving to the lives of others. gardener, environmentalist, ecology professional, camp councilor, parent, sales clerk, banking, charity work, church/religious, farmer, agriculture are all fields which would suit you.

Your Treasure:

Trees and the Earth are your favorite treasures. All of the Green stones including Aventurine and Malachite will be strengthening to you and bring you comfort and direction when you lose your way.

Mystickal Skill:

Healing Energy Transfer is your Mystick Skill.

You are very good at perceiving the imbalance of energies and empathetic enough to be able to help re-structure.


Green Energies keep you tolerant and giving by staying connected to the real Earth Realms; dirt, rocks, trees, Healing Groves and the Elemental entities that dwell in them.

Path of Light

The Green Color Path tells us that you have come into this Lifetime to learn how to heal with the Elemental Energies, bring true abundance and while doing so, stay completely grounded and rooted like the trees you love.

Body Area: Your most vulnerable body area is your Heart/Lungs. They may be weak and prone to disease. Metaphysically speaking, you may feel like you never recieving anything from anyone or be so in love with the world or just one person, that you want to save it. (savior complex)


If you find yourself getting so fearful of hurting other's feelings that you stop being yourself, get fired up and express your true-self and balance with: