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Color Meanings: Color Personality Quiz - Purple

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The Color Purple- Purpose, Meaning, Healing, Magick...

The Meaning, Purpose, Career, Talent of your Personal Color: Purple



Your core purpose in this Lifetime is that of being Mage ...


Magickal through writing, music and passionate emotions, you are a very good friend, companion, and defender. A Lawyer, councilor, advocate, musician, coach, judge, detail inspector-sorter or one who pulls all aspects together (orchestrates) would all be good careers for you. You are very discerning and have a strong sense of fairness and what is just and natural. There is an affinity with music and how it helps to change the moods. A weather Meteorologist, storm-tracker and even tornado photographer would suit you.

Your Treasure:

Musical instruments, music and mysteries are your favorite treasures. All of the Purple stones including Amethyst and Fluorite will be strengthening to you and bring you comfort and direction when you lose your way.

Mystickal Skill:

Magick is your Mystick Skill.

You are very good at understanding the orchestration of the powers of the Universe; and with Justice as your solid base, would do well to study Magick.


Purple Energies keep you in a constant state of emotional awareness. You have "feelings" about things that are most often correct...even if not immediately seen. You are most likely claire voyant.

Path of Light

The Purple Color Path tells us that you have come into this Lifetime to learn how to keep your emotions under the control of your own free will. Your psychic feelings, talents and strong willed, passionate emotions are tools to be used for help and harmony and not hindrance and harm. You are Magickal... now what will you do?

Body Area: Your most vulnerable body area are your eyes-ears/nose. There may be allergies for the sensitives and even a ringing in the ears or weak seeing or hearing; but it is made up in the psychic abilities. Metaphysically speaking, you either turn away from your psychic abilities and not trust yourself or at times try to take Justice into your own hands.


If you find yourself getting too emotional, distrustful, sad or angry, be open to change and balance with: