Preseli Bluestone: Stonehenge Bluestone

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Dark Blue-Green with speckles & stars

Theories of what Stonehenge was include a temple, observatory, calendar, a site for fairs or ritual feasting, or a centre for healing. Photograph: Eyebyte/Alamy

I believe it was all of these and more.

Our Ancestors did not consider the affairs of the body/soul/spirit to be separate things; they were one and inclusive.

Stonehenge - which is one of many such sites throughout the British Isles - is an Energy Center and the generator of a much larger grid.

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Preseli Bluestone....................Choose Size or Pendant

Stonehenge Bluestone... Power of Magickal Construction

I am so happy to offer these Bluestone Tumbled Stones to you!
Choose from two sizes of tumble or Pendants.

Called Bluestone it is visually darkest Blue Green with light shifting speckles like stars.

Being high in Iron content it not only increases your magnetic field it also helps to repel the unwanted. White Star Energy helps to connect to the Ancient Ways.

Stonehenge Bluestones, from the Preseli Mountains of Wales, are the stones that were used in the building of Stonehenge 5,000 years ago and are only found in the Preseli Hills in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.

(Pronounced 'pres-ely' {like Elvis} It is Welsh not Latin)

This is the land of Merlin, Arthur, and Old Magick.

Metaphysically, Preseli Blue Stone Stone, carries then the Green of construction energy which fits in with the building of the henge and Blue energy of self-worth and voice which ties together it's power to construct by word.

I have been wanting to work with them for some time...
Let's see what we can do...

Stonehenge Bluestone will help in your Healing work with just these same energies.

Please email me your results and put them on Face-book,too!

Preseli Dolerite (Bluestone) is a Pyroxene mineral (calcium magnesium aluminosilicate. Ca, Mg, FE, AI, (Al,Si,206). Being high in Iron content it not only increases your magnetic field it also helps to repel the unwanted.

Use Green Color Therapy when you are ready to restructure your life

Use Indigo Color energy when you need the exact words to construct your Healing Magick

Use White Star Energy when you need to connect to the Ancient Ways