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Malachite Tumbled Stone

Malachite Tumbled Stone

Malachite Tumbled Stone

4 pieces

$3.95 each

Size: Large



4 pcs.
Green Malachite

Tumbled Stones...

Healing Crystals...

Healing Crystals

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Green Healing Realm

Use Green color therapy for a balanced flow of money,
trust, ideas, and love.

Malachite Tumbled Stone..........................$3.95

Malachite helps restore the natural order...

Malachite's energies move in soothing, rhythmic waves; very logical, very structured, very patterned and very ordered- Cu2(CO3)(OH)2 Those are the gifts of Malachite. True and tested, loyal and sure.

It was worn by Priests and Healers to align their powers with the Everlasting Structure and Eternal Order.
Because of the Mystickal power it shares with the wearer, Malachite is used to help think things through logically and categorize for clearer discernment of facts.

All Healing is change for the good and re-aligning with the Natural order is a benefit of Green Color Healing and Malachite. Even it's name is derived from the word "mallow", a green herb used in healing and soothing cures.

Abundance Healing...

Malachite Meaning

Green is the color of the Natural Order and structure of the Earth.

Malachite is not actually a rock but a mineral of the Copper family; Carbonate of Copper to be exact and it is formed in water.
It deposits and grows as a mass and not as long crystals like a quartz. It forms in a mass and layers, and therefore it forms a shield.
It's alternate light and dark bands of rich green color are from the oxidation of the Copper. It often forms with cousins Azurite and Chrysocola with their wonderful verdegris colors as well.

Traditional Benefits of Malachite Gemstone Jewelry

  • Protects from evil- shields from extremes
  • Mirror of the Soul- it peels away the layers of deceptions
  • Aids business and finances- connects to abundance energies
  • Balances the Heart Chakra- giving and receiving
  • Reveals the truth- tames the emotions and increases logic
  • Helpful in Love- clears emotional debris for commitment
  • Helps bones, joints- builds structure, reduces inflammation

It is called the "Transformation stone" by some and said to reveal your true Nature, and this is how it does it:

When giving and receiving get out of balance; when we give more than we get or vice versa, then the Natural flow is dis-rupted and extremes develop--- lop-sided energies. This wail cause resentment, greed, poverty, envy, jealousy, suspicion, selfishness and on and on...
Green Healing stones and especially Malachite with it's very visible structure lines, re-aligns the order. This Magick takes allowing others to be themselves and allowing self to not be others.