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Old-Earth New Age Store

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Old Earth New Age Store - About Us

I invite you on a journey to
Follow the Crystal Path:
Like the gossamer wing of a dragonfly, truth is elusive; changing... shifting with the light, even when you are sure you know what you know. Truth hides, even in the brightest light... Truth shifts even when you are looking right at it... because everyone lies.
Dithero, Scribe to Calya
>Whoever commands the Seed Crystals commands the essence of the Realms. Whoever possesses them declares the Path the Realms shall follow and the law aMaun shall uphold. Calya has them... Csdrel wants them back...

Be a part of this incredible journey. Read the Keeper of the Realms to see where it began, then Follow the Crystal Path... Be sure to

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About Old-Earth.com

Old-Earth is a completely independent New Age Spiritual Shop launched as a web site on Earth Day - April 24th in the Spring of 2008.

Many of you know me from Calya Journey-Wise, Celtic Festivals, or the Connecticut Renaissance Faire!

Our Goal

Our goal is two fold; to share the wonderful power of kindness and to provide a variety of products for Magickal Spiritual Living.

We want you to find your Magickal Journey-Path; and we want to help you.

We have built our site on the foundations of personal recognition of the customer and quality merchandise of very unique offerings that you won't find on other affiliate program New Age sites. And lots of 'How to...' instructions!

We are here and ready to help you. We look forward to your next visit to Old-Earth.
Comfort and Joy! Calya

This is the home of Calya Journey-Wise.
This Metaphysical Self-Help System guides you through:

  • finding your Aura Color-Message
  • learning how this affects your health
  • untangling thoughts with soul-searching questions
  • releasing unwanted patterns through meditation, crystal healing, and color and oil therapy

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When we seek to live in harmony with the Natural Order of things, the more Super-Natural our lives become; the more balanced our energies, the more clear our thoughts.
It is simple; a Healthy Mind creates Compassion.

About Us

  • Greetings, Friends! I apologize for any delays in your orders.

    Surgery was a wonderful success - tumors were benign - no cancer! Full abdominal hysterectomy - home recovering and doing better each day.

    I was taken gravely ill on Monday, June 11th and rushed to the hospital. It was dreadful for a about a week, but the wonderful team of doctors and nurses figured out what was wrong. Now, I am stable and home awaiting surgery for degenerating / torn fibroids on July 16th.

    My husband will help fill orders and all things will ship as soon as possible.

    I thank you for your orders, love and light and prayers!

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    You do not need to have a Pay Pal account.
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