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What is a Vogel Crystal?

There once was a man named Marcel Vogel. He spent his life devoted to researching Metaphysics and the Mysteries of life... the many hidden things that make us wonder and marvel and believe that Magick exists in the World. But Marcel Vogel was not only a Metaphysician, he was also a highly respected scientist and worked for the prestigious company, IBM.

Because he was well trained in Scientific Methods and had at his fingertips not only the education and training but the research tools, as well, he applied all of his brilliant mind for Science to his Metaphysics and we have Vogel Healing Crystals as his gift.

On the one side, Vogel knew the properties of Crystals and minerals, their geological and elemental atomic structures. He also knew the usefulness of Crystals and crystal structures in electronics, computers, communications and energy transfer. Remember, he was a world class IBM Scientist.

On the other side, he knew of the usefulness of scrying tools, crystal healing methods and the Magick and meaning of gemstones and crystals developed over the millennia. He was at the perfect point to connect the dots; and he did just that.

Marcel Vogel saw that the crystalline structure of a water molecule when it freezes into ice is almost exactly the same as a Quartz crystal structure. This led him to experiment with the healing properties of quartz crystals. He felt that if water were a source of healing, refreshment, cleansing and life then perhaps the Quartz did the same; and he found similar results did occur. As time went on, because of his Mystickal and esoteric beliefs Marcel Vogel devised an understanding of crystals. He believed that the crystals when they were in their growing state of being were alive.

A crystal is a special form of matter. It is a solid with a regular internal arrangement of atoms or molecules. Like all other "living" things, crystals are "born" from a seed and undergo growth processes in their formation. Marcel suggested that a crystal is truly alive only during its growth period or time of formation. When complete it leaves behind a solid body containing the essence of its inner expression. Although its "life" ends after the crystal stops growing, its spirit or oversoul remains accessible within the geometric form it created, and this is available for our use.

(Like snowflakes)Simply stated, no two crystals are identical, and in science, a theory cannot be based on a single case. The amplification of thought energy includes so much "static" (other vibrations) that it becomes lost in the noise. Marcel discovered the answer to this problem. He found that when quartz is cut along the c-axis (the line of symmetry within the crystal perpendicular to all other axes) in the shape of the Kabalistic Tree of Life, it resonates to ONE frequency. It so happens the frequency (which turned out to be 454) is the same vibratory rate he also measured for water. Therefore, Vogel-cut crystals are powerful instruments capable to taking thought impressions and literally injecting them into the matrix of water. From this work he developed three tools: the double terminated healing crystal, single terminated meditation crystal and the Star of David crystal medallion.

Marcel Vogel scientifically and precisely designed the cut and polish of the Quartz crystals to give repeatable actions because of the ONE frequency. He created a precision Healing tool much as scientist have created all of our new age electronics and medical technology, by building on the Natural and creating refinement.

As with all wands, natural or manufactured, there is a female or receiving end; usually wider and shorter; and a male or sending end, the thiner and longer termination. The receiving termination will take energies into itself, pulling them out of a body and the sending termination will direct energies out of itself pushing them into a body.

As the Light and Life energy is pulled into the Healing Crystal, directed by your honorable intention, it is magnificently magnified by the purity of the interior structure.

Use your Vogel Healing Crystal to:

  • make communication connections between the Chakras
  • remove accumulations and attached entities
  • find and re-balance Aura fluctuations

Program your Vogel Healing Crystal with great though, attention to detail and care. Programming Your Crystals...