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A Wand is a male symbol...

Phallic and even aggressive it 'pokes' its energy into the Astral fields, the Ethereal Realms, to seed the energy and produce the fruit we desire to bring forth.

Great care, respect, and honorable responsibility need to be taken when using a Wand.
Excessive behavior can turn into aggressive behavior and we can equate 'bullying'with a Wand - casting greedy spells and not heeding the wants/needs/desires of others - to Spiritual rape; a serious offense.

A Wand directs the focused intention and sends it out and Tyr is the same symbol in Runes - phallic and ambitious and aggressive…
Sometimes these energies are required and we should not look upon them with disdain. Used correctly, they help bring new creations into being!

Magick Wands - Crystal Wands - Gemstone Massage Wands

How to Use a Magick Wand!

When you are angry, frustrated, happy or sad... use your wand to cast the energy up, out, and away.

A Wand transforms your intentions into a powerful Magickal Charge!
A Healers Tool for extracting and transmitting Chakra Healing Energies, wands should be close at hand. When you are angry, frustrated, happy or sad... use your wand to cast the energy up, out, and away.

Use for:

  • drawing energies
  • opening and closing vortices
  • Reflexology trigger point activation
  • and Magick spells

A Wand is my favorite Magickal tool!

How to Use a Magick Wand!   Wand Class in the Castle
teaching the use of Magick Wands

Learn to use a Healers Wand...

These Gemstone Wands are the finest quality and the beautiful Crystals of Evermoore Healers Wands are made here, in Old-Earth, with Mystickal care.

HARRY POTTER FOLKS will delight in our Wooden Wand line from the Master Wand Maker at Alivan's, who provides wands for the films.

Wands at the ready...magick!   

Gemstone Healing Wands...

Gemstone Healing Wands & Vogels

Chakras, Layouts & Distance Healing

Wooden Wands

Wooden Wands

Carry the Life Force of the Trees

Healers Wands

Healers Wands

Crystals of Evermoore

Use Crystals with Energy Healing and Reiki.

Gemstones and Crystals have Healing properties which can be used to affect our state of being for Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Healing.

Gemstones, Crystals, Tumbled Stones, Points and Clusters have long been used in Healing and Rituals. They give repeatable, desired results, are non-invasive and work naturally.

Born of Earth-Forces, gemstones and crystals have a kin-ship with humans and will share their Magick ...when we know how to ask.