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What is a Magick Spell

Distance Healing Cast for You...

Full Moon Spell...

Need help with a special request, effort or prayer?
Purchase a Full Moon Distance Healing to help clear debris and unwanted patterns from your Aura and draw in the fullness of the new.

Magick Spells... What are Magic Spells...

Our Ethereal body and our physical body are closely intertwined... what affects one manifests in the other...

Magickal Spells are Rituals to improve our comfort, joy and quality of life, and they have always been so.

A magic spell can be as simple as blowing out a candle and making a wish or Magick Spells can be a complex weaving of herbs, energies, crystals and incantations that takes weeks or even years to manifest the desired magickal change.

By gift and practice, one can reach into the Etheric Realms and connect with energies that are called spirit, elemental and divine. Prayers and Incantations, candles and symbols, music and words, colors and thoughts are all used in Ritual Magick.

For the most part, Spells and Rituals fall into one of these 7 categories...


Dear Seeker,

Old-Earth Hall is a place of Magickal wonder and Mystickal Solace.
Come here when you find that you need help, feel overwhelmed or are in need of Spiritual Guidance.

You can imagine that we are sipping tea by the fireplace, chatting right here in Old-Earth Hall.

I will listen to your problems and questions, help sort out the frustrations and guide you through the meanings of your Aura Color Realms; for each Color has special significance in your issue. Then I will gather the items needed for the Energy Healing Ritual and Cast the Magick Energy Spell for you.

You will receive an e-mail with your targeted Aura Reading- and the Blessed Prayer Candle, Power Crystal and Incantation I used for your Spell will be sent to you by postal mail.

I cannot guarantee that all of your wishes will come true; only that I will listen carefully and join my prayers with yours, sending out powerful energies with the Casting of the Rituals of Old-Earth for your Direction, Insight, and Empowerment.

Comfort and Joy,

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